What if XD add these features (Challenge 1)

It’s the first time to work on software design. This time I made a small case study about XD itself. I think it was completely different for me.

My process in this challenge, Simply:

1. Understanding & Observation

At this phase I observed some opportunities that could be done during experiencing, working on another personal project.

2- Design & Prototype

Aligning with the design system of XD, I tried out new features. Coming with 2 approaches.

3- User testing

Testing the 2 approaches with 4 of my peers. It was fun and for the first time to do that.

Story behind the challenge

When I was working on a personal project. I was in a need to export my work as pdf to send it out to other designers to get feedback.

As I made so many iterations. I wanted to name export file different from the XD file itself, so I had to either replace my last work or get back to rename screens to export.

Problem Statement

While exporting multiple screens as pdf. it took xd file name itself in each time.

Asking Myself, What if?

- We add a function enables XD users to name export file easily, seamlessly.

- We enable users to zip multiple pngs or pdfs when It’s necessary.

My Goals

1- Ease export flow experience.

2- Design for software for the 1st time

3- Practice user testing.

Target Audience:

1- Designers who want to save their iterations of the work.

2- Designers / Freelancers working with clients directly. they tend to export their work multiple times.

Design & Prototype

Approach 1:



When the user wants to share certain screens

User Testing

# User 1: I didn’t use the export feature a lot during my work. I am using to use zeplin to export UI assets to the client directly. Regarding approach 2, In photoshop, the export feature has a lot of parameters and it is placed in the burger menu.

# User 2: Adding export as tab breaks the tone adobe wants to deliver. They added “ Design, Prototype, Share “ in tabs in order to reflect the design process, every designer gonna through while working on a project. But loved the story, 2 features you added.

# User 3: I loved those features, but I didn’t use the export feature a lot.

# User 4: I loved zip file function, I see it is more functional and meaningful. Designers especially UX designers want to be able to share multiple links at the same time inside one project. Also, be able to share a link of a specific flow instead of sharing the whole project every time.

Next Steps:

I will work on another challenge based on User feedback #4. It was insightful. So I decided to get into another round.

Stay tuned:)

Oh! What do you think of this case study? I am excited to see your own feedback.

Don’t be hesitated!

Have a lovely day where ever you are :)